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Overseas Packers & Shippers helps Aussies moving overseas everyday. Australians move overseas for a huge variety of reasons – work, family, and adventure are all drivers for people to immigrate internationally.  

The top locations for Australians to immigrate to are the UK, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada. This might not come as a shock – all of these countries are predominantly English speaking. They also share similar cultures and values to what we expect in Australia.  

However, these four countries all have their own processes, expectations, and quirks that should be considered.  

Aussies Moving Overseas to the UK with Big Ben in the background

The United Kingdom 

Moving to the UK is one of the most popular destinations for Australian expats and consists of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Major cities across the country like London, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Manchester, are full of Aussies who have made this place home.  

Simple Visa Process 

Residency and working visas are easy to obtain for Australians looking to relocate to the UK. As we are part of the Commonwealth, the UK makes it easy for us to access a range of visas and vice versa.  

Popular visas include the Youth Mobility Visa which lasts two years for any person between the ages of 18-30 to live and work in the UK. The Ancestry Visa is also very popular as it allows people to obtain residency if they have grandparents or parents from the UK.  


The UK is full of exciting opportunities, whether it be work, study, or leisure. The UK has a positive attitude towards Australian workers as long as they speak English. The UK is also home to some of the best universities in the world, and many of them offer student exchange programs. 

As for leisure, the UK is a stone’s-throw from Europe’s most beautiful cities and countries and the travel is often inexpensive.  

Aussies Moving Overseas with Mountains in NewZealand shown.

New Zealand 

Aussies love moving overseas to our friendly neighbours in New Zealand. The country consists of two large islands, the North and the South, and is well-renowned for its stunning natural beauty, as well as funny and kind populous. While New Zealand and Australia are rivals in many areas, even we can understand why so many Aussies move there. A lot of New Zealanders who have settled in Australia also choose to move back home.  

Cars are a little more difficult and expensive to source in New Zealand, so you may want to consider moving your vehicle over.  

Access To Benefits 

As a visa holder, Australians will have access to all of the same public benefits  that New Zealanders do. That includes access to healthcare, superannuation, domestic study fees, and property. 

Easy To Access 

New Zealand is really just so close to Australia. If family proximity is a concern then New Zealand can be a good international move. Catching up for holidays and important events is not out of the question and you can make it across the Tasman Sea in a short time.  

Aussies Moving Overseas to the USA. The Statue of Liberty with a blue sky and white clouds in the background.

The USA 

The USA is an incredibly popular destination, not just for Australians, but for people all over the world. The USA is incredibly diverse in its culture, geography, and opportunity, and really has something for everyone.  

The USA sorts its incoming residents into two distinct categories; immigrant and non-immigrant. Non-immigrants include people who are moving to the USA for a set specific period of time for a specific thing. This can include study and work. Non-immigrant visas are much easier to obtain than an immigrant Visa. A popular example of this Visa is the Green Card, and it is notoriously in demand.  

The Land of Opportunity 

The USA are leaders in a huge range of industries, and have a large percentage of the best universities in the world. If you are moving to the USA for work, your employer has to be able to prove that you are more suited for that job over a US citizen. If you do secure work however, then this is a great opportunity.  

Similarly, if you get accepted to study in the USA then it is a great opportunity to engage with some of the best education providers in the world. It is important to note that the USA does not offer education, health, and retirement benefits for foreigners or citizens.  

Packing Expectations 

One thing to note is that when your items reach the USA they will more than likely be searched and inspected. All of your belongings must be clearly labelled and itemised. If you are wanting to avoid your belongings being searched, customs agents tend to prefer removalist packed items, but this is not guaranteed.  

Aussies Moving Overseas withToronto City in the background


Canada is a visually stunning country with a high standard of living and great opportunities. Canada is notoriously cold, but that comes with access to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. If you are a fan of winter sports and winter in general then Canada is the place for you.  

Getting Into Canada 

Getting into Canada is not as complicated as the USA immigration, but not as easy as the UK’s or New Zealands. There are several visa options including family reunification, skilled workers, and self-employed workers.  

It should be noted that there has been a significant push in the last few years for a CANZUK trade and travel alliance. This will allow Australians, New Zealanders, UK citizens, and Canadians to travel much more freely between countries.  

Packing for Canada 

Canada is cold, so before you move your items it may be worthwhile assessing whether your belongings suit the Canadian climate. While Canada does have a generous summer, the winters are cold and difficult, so not optimal for a huge range of summer gear.  

Canada also drives on the right, so moving your vehicle may be something you want to reconsider.  

Advice for Aussies Moving Overseas 

Aussies moving overseas will face a range of challenges. Every country has its own specific restrictions and requirements. Depending on your reason for moving, you may or may not be eligible for visas.  

The good thing to note however is that Overseas Packers and Shippers offer effective, professional, and cost-effective international removals services. We can move everything from your car to your belongings, and can advise you on storage and moving your pets with you.  

If you are moving to the UK, New Zealand, the USA, or Canada, get in touch today to organise a free-in-home quote.