Many people relocating to Australia wish to bring their motor vehicle with them. Australia has very strict regulations on the importation of vehicles and no vehicle can enter the country without an Import Permit. Any vehicle that will be driven on Australian roads must have an Import Permit issued PRIOR to departing your country of origin. This includes, but is not limited to, motor vehicles, motor cycles, boat trailers, road trailers, caravans.

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An application for a Vehicle Import Approval, with all necessary supporting documentation will generally be assessed by the Department of Infrastructure within 15 working days of receipt. This is a service target and in unpredictable peak periods it may not be met. This process will take longer if any further information or clarification is required, if the necessary supporting documentation is not initially provided, or if the original application is incomplete. For further information regarding importing your vehicle please click on the following link to the Department of Infrastructure and Australian Customs and Border Control.

Please refer to our Useful Forms page to download a copy of the Vehicle Import Application Form.

Useful Forms

The forms on this page are a useful guide to assist you in what is required when relocating to Australia. If you have any questions regarding these forms please do not hesitate to contact our Import Coordinators.

Australian Customs Regulations

B534 – Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement

B357 – Statement for Vehicle Imported by Passenger

Import Permit Application for Vehicle