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Moving back to New Zealand from Australia is an exciting journey for any Kiwi who is looking forward to getting back on home ground. Whether it is to be closer to family, raise kids, or to start a new job, we understand why moving back to New Zealand can be on the minds of many expats.  

While moving to Australia can initially be a decision that makes sense for your personal goals, moving back home offers new and exciting adventures. It is an easy and accessible move that can bring you a great work-life balance, excellent access to benefits, and can bring you closer to your loved ones. Who wouldn’t want to live in one of the world’s safest, friendliest, and most forward thinking countries? 

Moving overseas can be a stressful experience, so it is important to have all the information and the right team to help out.  


Packing to move back to New Zealand comes with a few more considerations than usual international moves. Firstly, like Australia, New Zealand has very strict biosecurity laws, so any and all personal effects will undergo a thorough quarantine process.  

We strongly advise you to think carefully about what you want to take with you. As you know, New Zealand is fiercely protective of their natural environment, and risking that will only lengthen your moving process.  

In regards to what to pack, you may find your belongings difficult and more expensive to replace when back on home ground. Australia has access to a large range of furniture outlets that are great for young families furnishing a home for the first time. Moving this furniture with you may be a more viable option for you instead of re-furnishing when you are back home. Especially if you are a young family looking to cut costs where you can.  

So before you go and cull all of your furniture, do some research into whether replacing it is viable.  

We offer both shared containers (groupage) and full container loads (FCL) to our customers, but we recommend the latter for New Zealand if you are moving a whole family home. Our team at Overseas Packers and Shippers will provide you with an in-home survey and will pack your home according to international moving standards. We can advise you on what will be the most cost-effective option for you.  

Cars Moving Back to New Zealand

Moving your vehicle 

Many returning residents to New Zealand may opt to also move their vehicles. While urban centres and popular locations are well serviced by public-transport, the aid of a vehicle is still relatively necessary.  

If the car you own in Australia is in good condition, we recommend moving it back with you. Vehicles are often more expensive in New Zealand than they are in Australia and you may find yourself having to shell out more on the same car.  

Choosing to live rurally is a huge draw for returning residents who are over urban living in Australia. However, having a car as soon as possible at minimal cost is important if this is your goal so you can ensure you have access to transport.  

Our team will help you with every step of the move with your vehicle – all you will have to worry about is making sure your car is quarantine-ready. That means getting into all the nooks and crannies of the inside and outside of your vehicle and clearing out dirt, twigs and crumbs.  

Once you arrive back home in New Zealand, you will have a car without shelling out the extra money and hassle of selling and rebuying.  

Pets Moving Back to New Zealand


Part of making a life for yourself in Australia often includes the adoption of an animal companion into your life. We understand how important these animals can be, as if they were another family member.  

First and foremost it should be noted that birds, snakes, reptiles, and ferrets are prohibited in New Zealand and not allowed to enter the country. As such, any budgies or water dragons will have to find a new home on Aussie soil.  

However, dogs, cats, and more are welcome in New Zealand, given you jump through the right hoops. Pets must be microchipped, have the appropriate vaccinations and the correct documentation.  

While difficult, these steps are a small price to pay for the gift of animal companionship. Our team at Overseas Packers and Shippers can make sure that your pet arrives at their new home in comfort and style.  


There are two types of insurance that you will need for your moving process – insurance for yourself and insurance for your belongings.  

Personal travel insurance will cover you and your family if anything was to happen to you on your journey. This can include everything from lost baggage to contracting COVID-19.  

Insurance for your belongings is essential as moving comes with its risks and you should make sure that it is all covered in case of an accident. Insuring your belongings will cover them for the length of the move and the time in storage, and will be based on the value of your belongings. In the instance that something does happen, this ensures that you and your family are not left struggling. 

We have tried and tested insurance options for your belongings and would be happy to walk you through our packages.  

Heading Home: What You Need To Know 

Moving back to New Zealand from Australia is such an exciting time for both you and your family. It is an amazing chance to reconnect with loved ones and old friends, and get back to the cities and the mountains you know. 

If you would like to start your process with us, get in touch today to organise a quick quote. 

Knowing how New Zealand’s immigration works, even from a citizen’s perspective, can make a huge difference in the ease of the trip. If you are looking for a moving experience without the hassle and just all of the excitement, then look no further than our team at Overseas Packers & Shippers.