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Keeping your pets

safe and sound

Moving Pets Overseas

Are you moving overseas and want to take your pet? Overseas Packers & Shippers provide a comprehensive pet moving service that ensures a safe and comfortable journey for your companion, whether great or small.

Your much-loved pet is in good hands with our professional and experienced moving team. No matter how small or large your pet is, Overseas Packers & Shippers can organise boarding, transportation, necessary veterinary checks and any immunisations required for entry into Australia.

Pets are part of the family and it’s our job to make their trip as stress free and comfortable as possible.

Overseas Movers

Our comprehensive pet moving service covers everything, from preparation to airport collection.

We will:

  • provide advice on preparing your pet for travel
  • provide advice on protocols laid down by the Australian authorities
  • coordinate an AQIS authorised vet to complete all checks and paper in your own home
  • provide a container based on size requirements
  • arrange suitable flights
  • arrange collection of your pet and board (if required) and lodge directly onto the flight
  • collect your pet from the airport and deliver to quarantine facilities.

As soon as your pet has been cleared through Australian quarantine, we will deliver him or her directly to your door.

Call us on 1300 732 686 or fill out our contact form to find out more.


What do I need when taking pets overseas?

When moving your pet overseas you may require the following (depending on the country you are moving to):

  • Health certificate from an AQIS approved vet
  • Timeline of medical tests
  • Microchip
  • Forms (check which forms you need for the country you are moving to)
  • Information from the airline about their particular regulations
  • A proper pet carrier for international flights
  • Emergency money for unexpected fees

If you’re moving your pet to New Zealand, some extra blood tests are requires. Most countries require specific vaccinations to be up to date and a vet will usually come to your home to do a vet check before your pet is collected.

Overseas Packers & Shippers can help you avoid unexpected hassles and stress with our comprehensive pet moving service.

What is an AQIS authorised vet?

Testing and treatment is required before you pet can gain admission into an importing country. AQIS accreditation allows vets to perform this work for the government to ensure all AQIS import conditions are met. The purpose of this process is to minimise the risk of diseases being introduced to a country when moving a pet overseas. This is particularly important in Australia or New Zealand where many animal-related diseases found in other parts of the world have been kept out.

Do I need to update microchips when moving a pet overseas?

If your pet goes missing, it is important to have their microchip details up to date so they can be returned to you as soon as possible. This is particularly important in an unfamiliar area where they may get disoriented and have more trouble finding their way home. Before you taking pets overseas will need to find your pet’s registry and contact them directly. Your vet or microchip implanter should be able to tell you which database your pet is listed on so you can find your pet’s registry.

What kinds of pets can you move for me?

We specialise in moving cats and dogs overseas.

How can I make the move less stressful for my cat or dog?

There are a number of things you can do to help lower your beloved pets stress levels during an overseas move – below are two of our main tips.

Something simple but important is placing their blanket or an item of clothing in their carrier so they have a familiar smell to help them stay calm. Your pet will be experiencing a lot of unfamiliar places and smells, so having something familiar to comfort them can reduce stress levels and anxiety. It is worth remembering that in some countries, like New Zealand, these items will be destroyed on entry.

Another tip we recommend is giving your cat or dog a high carb meal and plenty of water the day before the flight. Avoid feeding your pet within 4 hours of the flight because it could cause them to become nauseous during the flight (none of us like that feeling).

When moving pets overseas it is important to take steps like these to make your best friend as comfortable as possible. Talk to your vet for advice about your particular animal.

How will my pet be transported?

A secure cargo area in the plane is used for moving pets overseas. This area is dark, temperature controlled and specifically used for live animal transport. We suggest putting blankets or toys in the carrier to provide familiar smells and help settle your pet.

Call us on 1300 732 686 or fill out our contact form to find out more.

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