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If you are planning on moving to Dubai from Australia, then you need to give yourself enough time for planning and preparation to ensure your international relocation goes as smoothly as possible. Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is geographically and culturally quite different from Australia, so getting ready for your big move involves a combination of logistics and education. 

At Overseas Packers & Shippers, we are international removalists who are committed to helping Australians move to prominent cities all around the world – including Dubai. With the ever-growing employment opportunities in this part of the world, more and more Australians are choosing the UAE as their next place of residence. If you are thinking of moving to Dubai from Australia in the near future, then you can trust in our experienced overseas removalists to help with this major relocation. 

Passport, Visa, and Working Permits 

As an Australian expat who is moving to Dubai, you will need several key documents before you are allowed into the country. The first of these is your passport, which is required for all forms of international travel. Dubai also requires that you have a residence visa and work permit before you can live there – which is often sponsored by your employer. 

We recommend that you get your visa and work permits reviewed by someone from the UAE’s embassy in Australia. This way, you can have total confidence that you are ticking every box before the big moving day comes around. 

Budget when Moving to Dubai from Australia

Financial Planning 

Every time you move overseas, you need to ensure your budgeting is as watertight as possible. There are naturally going to be expenses involved on both ends of your relocation, so ensuring you are well prepared for these costs is the key to reducing financial stress throughout the process of moving. 

Here are some of the main financial costs you should be aware of when moving from Australia to Dubai: 

  • Dubai’s lack of income tax means more disposable income, though it’s wise to budget for the city’s higher living expenses.
  • High rental prices in Dubai highlight the importance of searching to find accommodation that aligns with your financial plans.
  • Setting up a bank account in Dubai and informing your Australian bank of your move ensures seamless financial management abroad.
  • Dubai’s premium healthcare services justify the investment in health insurance to manage costs and ensure comprehensive medical coverage.

Prior to living in Dubai, you also need to budget appropriately for the move itself. This includes hiring a storage facility for any belongings you plan to leave behind, the plane tickets, and a trusted overseas moving company

Adjusting to the Culture of Dubai 

The laws, culture, and customs of Dubai and the UAE look very different to those in Australia. Many of their legal and social etiquettes are deeply rooted in Islamic tradition, with public alcoholic consumption and displays of affection being frowned upon and even illegal in certain circumstances. There are restrictions for freely practising other faiths, women in their society, and other civil liberties. For more information, read SmartTraveller’s page on visiting and living in the UAE. 

Why Australians are Moving to Dubai 

Moving from Australia to Dubai offers a number of exciting opportunities and lifestyle benefits. Dubai’s tax-free income is a significant advantage, allowing you to maximise their earnings from the ever-growing industry-spanning job sector in the city. Dubai is also renowned for its cutting-edge infrastructure, world-class amenities, and luxurious lifestyle, providing an exceptionally high standard of living. 

Dubai’s location makes it easy to travel to Europe, Asia, and Africa. The city is also celebrated for its cultural diversity, offering an inclusive environment for Australian expats. Dubai’s commitment to safety and low crime rate ensure a secure living environment, and its arid climate makes outdoor activities possible all year round. 

Contact Overseas Packers & Shippers 

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