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If you’re considering moving across the Tasman, you may be wondering whether it is worth shipping a car to New Zealand.  

The truth is that there are many pros and cons to this process. However, with more people moving from Australia to New Zealand, our team at Overseas Packers & Shippers acknowledge that this question is on a lot more minds.  

We have put together our list of pros and cons that you should consider before shipping a car to New Zealand.  

Cars are cheaper in Australia 

If you are wanting to buy a car in New Zealand, it should be noted that new cars are generally more expensive.  

While this isn’t the case for second hand vehicles, which are generally cheaper, if you are wanting a new car, you should keep it in mind. It means that you could be shelling out thousands of extra dollars for the same car you already own – an expense you could do without.  

Specialists In Shipping A Car To New Zealand

You will need a specialist removalist company 

Until we find a way to drive cars underwater, you will need to employ specialist moving companies for Australia to NZ to transport your vehicle. It should be noted that not all international removalists are equipped for this, and you will need to find a company that is specialised. 

Our team at Overseas Packers & Shippers are fully equipped to help you prepare and move your vehicles overseas. We will treat your car like its our own and will ensure it arrives in your new home in perfect condition.  

You will need to wait a little longer to get your vehicle 

One thing to note about moving your vehicle to New Zealand is that there is often a wait period. The shipping process can take several weeks, meaning you could be left without a car of your own for a short period. This is definitely something to consider as New Zealand does not offer extensive public transport outside of its major cities.  

Our team can walk you through your options and discuss wait times with you so you are fully prepared for this process.  

Cars are moving towards the future in New Zealand 

There have been some significant changes to New Zealand’s car import processes that people should be aware of. If you are shipping a car to New Zealand, you are recommended to use an entry certifier.  

This is a lengthy process where your car is assessed in relation to New Zealand’s import laws. One thing that must be considered is the introduction of the Clean Car Standard which enforces your cars C02 emissions to be low or risk a fee.  

Overseas Packers & Shippers are fully equipped to help you with this and answer any questions you may have.  

Cars will need to pass biosecurity checks 

New Zealand has very strict biosecurity laws that require extensive quarantine and inspections. This is why we offer in-house car cleaning services. We know exactly what customs and quarantine agents are looking for and will specifically target that. It should be noted that this is not a regular car clean. 

May be eligible for concession entry (Duty and GST free) 

If you are shipping your car to New Zealand, you may be eligible for concession entry (Duty and GST free). There are a few clear requirements for this, but they are usually very applicable to individuals wanting to move their car overseas.  

  • On the day your possessions are imported you must have the document authorising New Zealand residence 
  • You lived outside New Zealand for the previous 21 months 
  • You owned your household goods for 12 months prior to your departure date 
  • You owned your vehicle and used it for the previous 12 months by the date the vehicle was shipped 
  • Goods being shipped are not for exchange, sale or gifts, and are for personal use only 

This is a great and easily accessed incentive to move your car with you, and one that our team can help you with.  

Your car stays with you! 

If you are shipping a car to New Zealand that means that you do not have to separate from your vehicle. While there are a few hoops to jump through, it definitely has its perks. Not only do you not have to part with your vehicle of choice, but you can save costs as well.  

If you work with our friendly team of experienced international removalists at Overseas Packers & Shippers, this process will be a breeze. We will walk you through every step of the way and make sure your car gets to you safe and sound.  

To begin the process, get in touch today!