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Relocating internationally is a huge undertaking for anyone, so you might be wondering whether it is worth moving to UK from Australia.  

In our opinion – not only is it worth it, it is actually very easy in comparison to other countries. Our strong relationship with the United Kingdom is something that has served adventurous Australians for years. There are many reasons why people may move to UK from Australia, whether it be work or family or even just seeking something different.  

So why is it worth moving to the UK from Australia?  

Travelling is super easy! 

Travelling from the UK to elsewhere in Europe is unbelievably easy and affordable.  

In Australia, you can comfortably expect most international holidays to set you back thousands of dollars. Between flights, visas and travel time, travelling is often a huge expenditure that is only for those of us with more money up our sleeves.  

In the UK a holiday to Paris could set you back as much as a night out and you could fit it in your weekend. 

If you are someone who wants to travel more and see more of the world, it is hugely worth it to move to UK from Australia.  

Simple visa options 

Due to the great relationship between the UK and Australia, living and working in the UK is simple. There are many visa options for all types of travellers and migrants.  

If you are young, the youth mobility visa allows you to live and work in the UK for two years. Skilled workers can also receive working visas that last five years. If you have UK heritage and one of your grandparents is a UK citizen, then you would be eligible for UK citizenship.  

There are plenty more options for all types of groups and people, which really goes to show how easy it is to live and work in the UK as an Australian expat. 

UK Autumn Season


While weather in Australia is gorgeous year round, for many the heat can become a little monotonous.  

The UK experiences much milder weather and is very seasonal. Autumn looks like all the photos of autumn, and winter really feels cold. And by the time summer and spring come back around, the warm days are a welcome change.  

Great work opportunities 

A good work opportunity can make a huge difference to making a move worthwhile. The UK is in a skills shortage and there are lots of jobs across a huge range of industries available. This means that you won’t necessarily be moving and then stranded work wise.  

Moving To UK

Easy to move 

The UK is one of Australia’s most popular destinations, so moving is actually very easy.  

Our team at Overseas Packers and Shippers are well practised in the UK’s migration requirements and will be able to assist you. This not only goes for moving queries, but also for any related questions to your move. Queries regarding visas, customs, wait times and more are all easily answered by our friendly team. 

Having a helpful and experienced team of international removalists will take a huge weight off your shoulders when it comes to moving to the UK.  

You’re never far from home 

The UK is home to a huge population of Australians.  

Major cities all across the country are dotted with Australian cafes and bars run by expats wanting to connect with fellow Australians. So if you are wondering whether it is worth leaving home and all of your creature comforts, just know that the UK is very welcoming to Australians. 

You’ll always have a friendly smile and a perfect flat white available if you ever miss home. 

Worth the move with Overseas Packers & Shippers 

Our team are well practised international removalists and have assisted many Austrlians in making their way to the UK. We think that if you are considering it, it is worth moving to UK from Australia.  

If you are wondering how to get started on your journey overseas, then reach out to our friendly and experienced team today.