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Moving overseas for work is a step that many people take to develop their career, explore a new place, and live internationally. However, this process can be a large commitment that requires a little more planning than your average holiday.  

The team at Overseas Packers and Shippers have been in the moving business for over 30 years and are experts in international moves. We have collated a list of things you need to consider before moving overseas for work – from family, to finances, to career aspirations, and more.  

Support networks 

Moving overseas often requires you to move away from your primary support network which can be a daunting prospect for many. So when considering your new home, it is important to consider what your support network might look like in that new place. 

This might be a matter of getting in touch with extended family, old friends, or connecting with colleagues. It can also mean finding support groups and common interest groups on social media for things like rock climbing, hiking, or movies.  


Moving to a new country requires you to have all of your visas and paperwork in order.  

Make sure you are doing a thorough check of your visa requirements and start this process several months before your trip. It is also important to have all of your official documentation on you – birth certificates, passport, drivers license, marriage certificates, proof of your education certifications etc.  

Research cost of living 

The cost of living can vary greatly all over the world and needs to be a point of consideration, especially if you are being offered a salary in a currency you haven’t had much experience with.  

While it can seem like you are getting the correct compensation, when taking into consideration living costs, you could be losing out. Places like London, New York, and Hong Kong are well known for their soaring living costs, so don’t be afraid to raise this with your employer. 

Start your moving process early 

When you land in your new home you want to make sure that you are comfortable with your living arrangements before jumping into work. The best way to do this is to contact your international removalist nice and early to begin the process of shipping.  

Finding a trustworthy and reliable moving overseas company will take the stress out of what is an already daunting task. They will advise you on budget, how to ship your items, can offer an in-house quote, and will pack your home perfectly.  

Consider if this is the right career move 

There is a noticeable disconnection between salary expectations of returning expats and Australian employees. Many people who move overseas for work consider it to be a way to strengthen their earning potential in Australia. However, according to a report by Indeed and Advance, 45% percent of employers believe that returning expats have an inflated sense of their skills and that their salary expectations are too extreme.  

Whether or not you come back to Australia more qualified or not, you must consider this inherent bias against returning expats.  

Get a lay of the land 

Before your big new adventure, it can be good to try and either visit your new home or talk to someone who has been to the area. Moving to a place you don’t know means that you also do not know local details – and Google can sometimes be outdated.  

If you do get the chance to visit your new home, do your best to explore neighbourhoods around your work, trial the public transport, and find restaurants you enjoy. These things will make your transition much easier – especially when you are taking on a new job.  

Consider your new job 

It is important that you are taking this opportunity for the right reasons – not just because you feel like you should. Moving overseas for work is a process with many steps involved and is something that can require a lot of sacrifice.  

Also make sure you are prepared for your new role! Do you need to learn anything or have any country specific skills on hand to thrive in your new role? 

You are ready To move overseas for work 

If you have considered all of these things then you should be adequately prepared for your new move. Between now and your moving date, spend time with your friends and family and make plans to meet up in the future. Also make sure to congratulate yourself on taking such an exciting new step on your career track. 

If you are ready to begin your moving journey get in touch with our team at Overseas Packers & Shippers today to organise your in-house quote.