The United Kingdom is one of the largest destinations for our clients. This consists of UK National’s moving back home after a period away or expats moving to all parts of the United Kingdom for a variety of reasons. This can be anything from families relocating for work, students heading over to study or back packers heading over to travel the vast continent that they have access to from the United Kingdom.

We offer all types of shipping to the United Kingdom. Our shared services depart on average every 4 weeks, whilst our sole use container and LCL services depart weekly. Air freight services are generally a daily service.

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We will forward you all the necessary documentation for completion prior to your relocation so that we can pass this information on to our destination agents prior to the arrival of your effects. This will then ensure a stress free customs process and onward delivery to your new home.

Whilst the customs clearance process in the United Kingdom tends to be documentation only, there are a number of different customs forms that need to be completed depending on circumstances. We have provided these below for your information.

Certain goods are banned or restricted from entering the UK. Some common items you may be thinking about shipping to the UK include:

  • Human or pet food: Overseas Packers & Shippers advise against including food in shipment because it can cause problems with UK customs authorities. If an inspection is ordered you will have to pay additional charges, so it is better to be on the safe side.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco: Importing these items within shipment of household effects are subject to duty and tax. If you wish to ship alcohol you need to ensure you include a detailed list of items that can be used to assess the duty that needs to be paid. This inventory should include the brand name, alcohol content, size and type of each bottle.

Being aware of these restrictions when you are shipping to the United Kingdom can save you time and money. We offer this advice to help make your move as straightforward as possible. If you need further information you can find it at HM Revenue and Customs or the Customs Regulations in Useful Forms below.

Once your shipment has departed Australia we will provide you with sailing details for your shipment including the vessel name, container number and our agents contact details. Once your shipment has arrived into the UK port the following times are a rough guide as to when you can expect delivery of your personal effects:

Sole Use Container Services 4-6 working days
Less than Container (LCL) services 6-10 working days
Shared Container Servivces 8-15 working days
Air Freight Services 2-4 working days

These timeframes are subject to customs process and port congestion.

Useful Forms

Customs Requirements

Customs Declarations – Household Effects

Form Description
C3 for shipments of household effects under transfer of residence after at least 12 months residence in country of departure
C33 for shipment of household effects to secondary home in the UK or from secondary home outside the UK


Customs Declarations – Motor Vehicles

Form Description
C104a for vehicles under transfer of residence after at least 12 months residence in country of departure and purchased, owned and used in country of departure for at least 6 months (supporting documents required)
C179b for vehicle being re-imported to the UK by the same owner within 3 years of export from the UK (supporting documents required)
C384 for vehicle subject to payment of duty / tax (supporting documents required)
C110 for vehicle being temporarily imported to the UK for up to 6 months on foreign registration (supporting documents required)


Inheritance Goods

Form Description
C1421 for shipments of household effects bequeathed to person in the UK (supporting documents required)

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