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Over time, many Australians have decided on moving to England for several reasons: work, family, or a sea-change. This process can be immensely stressful for people; especially when you consider moving an entire household. Furniture and household items can hold significant value to people, whether that be for sentimental or economic value.

As a family run business, our team at Overseas Packers & Shippers understand how stressful this decision can be. So, if you have decided to move to England, how do you decide whether to take your furniture with you or to leave it behind?

Move to England

Leaving your furniture behind

Moving can often feel like a fresh start, and many people want to seize this opportunity. If you are not attached to your furniture, selling it before you leave can be a great option. However, while this does line your pocket for what can be an expensive process, it can also leave you a little empty-nested.

You can theoretically make a fair bit of cash off second-hand furniture; however, you may still end up out of pocket when you finally arrive in England. This is because you will have to spend all that money and more to furnish your whole home. Plus, it can also potentially feel a little cold or unhomely to have a home of entirely new furniture.

If you are not certain how long you are going to be moving to the UK for, then storage is another great option. Store your bigger pieces in a storage facility in your local area and get them shipped over when you really need them. We recommend this as a way you can take the guesswork out of an already stressful period.

Weighing up all these options before making any hasty decisions is vital for a seamless process. Selling your furniture may seem like a more economical option from the outset, but it can have hidden costs. At the end of the day, we recommend evaluating your moving budget to see what the best option for you will be when moving to England.

Move Overseas to England

Taking your furniture on your move to England

Most people acquire pieces of furniture over a lifetime. While a table serves purpose, it is also a reflection of the journey you have taken to get where you are. Sentiments aside, good quality furniture is valuable and often worth holding on to, especially if it is rare or designer.

Moving to England is a huge step for anyone, and as creatures of comfort it can be nice to have your furniture ready to go. Having your familiar surroundings can definitely help curb the unease and homesickness that comes with moving overseas.

Moving your furniture overseas also avoids the incredibly awkward period of having a half-furnished home. A coffee table with no couch and a dining table with no chairs does not bode well for those looking to settle in quickly. Plus, with delays due to Covid-19 and other factors, many furniture companies can take months to deliver individual pieces of furniture. Meaning you could be sleeping on a mattress on the floor for far longer than comfortable.

Alternatively, you do not have to take all of your furniture. Rather, you can identify which items are of the most sentimental and economical value to you and your family. It could be better to just take the essential pieces of furniture with you to ensure your home is adequately furnished when you arrive in England.

Moving to England

The best way to move your furniture

A lot of people feel apprehensive about investing in international moving services. Missing containers, long wait times, and damaged furniture are just some of the concerns that people have. So if you have made the decision to move to the UK and to take your furniture with you, then you have to make sure to invest in a verifiable moving service.

Family-run and locally minded international removalists are a great option and the most likely to treat your furniture with respect. For more information about how Overseas Packers & Shippers can help you move overseas, visit our website.