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If you’re planning to retire soon and want a change of lifestyle, you might be thinking about retiring overseas. The idea of retiring overseas, whether that be somewhere you already know or somewhere brand new, is exciting. 

Retiring overseas is mostly like moving overseas, but there are a few extra things to take into consideration when choosing your destination. To help get you started with your next journey, here are some of the steps to think about when planning your move.

Retire Overseas


Whenever you travel overseas, you’re probably going to do some level of research before you leave. When it comes to moving overseas, and particularly retiring overseas, there is a lot more research you need to do. Moving internationally is usually very exciting, but there is a lot of work that goes into planning and preparation. 

On top of doing your research into the local culture, places to go, flights and accommodation, you’ll need to look at other things. This includes researching the correct visa, and then considering time and costs involved with applying for a visa. 

When retiring overseas, you are also going to want to look into the healthcare and aged care situation in your new country. You might like to ask yourself, is the healthcare system going to look after me? Do I need to take out additional health insurance?

Since 2020, it has been important to also look into the current COVID-19 situation in your destination country. There are very different rules, regulations and severity levels for different countries around the world. It’s a good idea to refer to government and health authority sources of information when looking into the COVID-19 situation. 

Overseas Retirement

Get Your Finances Sorted

One of the most important things to do when retiring overseas is to seek financial advice from a professional. There’s lots to think about when starting the next chapter of your life in a new country. When you’ve reached retirement there’s even more to think about such as superannuation and pension considerations. 

Your financial considerations will vary depending on your personal situation and the country you are moving to. However, there are some key financial issues to consider when retiring overseas such as: 

  • Retirement benefits and pension options in your new country
  • Access to your superannuation from another country
  • Taxation implications for your superannuation
  • Health insurance both in your current and new country
  • Financial stability for retirees in your new country

Unless you are confident in understanding each of these financial considerations, you should reach out to a financial professional. The last thing you want is to lose access to your superannuation or not have pension options available in the future. 

Retired Overseas

Moving Company 

After you have decided where and when you want to move, you can start thinking about hiring an international moving company for your belongings. This can include household items, personal vehicles, and even pets. 

There are many different overseas shipping options out there, and it depends on your budget, timeline and how much you need to ship overseas. 

After you have decluttered your home and narrowed down what you want to take with you, you can reach out to various overseas packing and shipping companies for quotes and options.   

Overseas Packer & Shippers Can Help You Retire Overseas

Overseas Packers & Shippers offers high quality international shipping services for those who are looking to retire overseas. Our removalists are all experienced in packing up your belongings securely so they will be safe during their journey. Contact us today on 1300 732 686!