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Tips That Keep You On Top of Overseas Shipping

In our ever-connected world, the decision to move abroad can be both exciting and daunting. Whether it’s for a career opportunity or a fresh start, moving overseas requires careful planning and coordination. Thankfully, with the assistance of international movers and packers, the process can be far less overwhelming. Overseas Packers & Shippers are international removalists in Australia who are here to assist with every aspect of the transition.

Checklist for moving overseasChoosing the right moving overseas company is vital to ensure that all your precious belongings reach their destination safely. Trustworthy overseas removalists possess the knowledge and experience to provide a seamless moving experience. But how does one sift through the myriad of options and choose the right team? This is where the tips and insights found in this article can come to your rescue.

Overseas shipping, while integral to the process, can often be a complex task riddled with logistical hurdles. Proper planning and coordination with experienced international removalists in Australia can transform this challenge into a smooth operation. With the use of the latest technology and adherence to international standards, they can customise shipping solutions tailored to your needs, making the process efficient and worry-free.

In this article, we explore these themes in more detail, offering practical tips that can keep you on top of moving. From understanding customs regulations to packaging advice, these recommendations are meant to guide you through every step of the journey with your chosen overseas moving company. It’s more than just packing and moving; it’s about embarking on a new chapter with confidence and ease.

By investing the time to understand and implement these guidelines, you can look forward to a stress-free moving experience with a competent moving overseas company. The right partners can indeed make all the difference, turning what could be a taxing endeavour into an exciting adventure. Dive into this article to equip yourself with essential knowledge, ensuring a successful relocation experience with the finest international movers and packers.

Packing For Yourself

Don’t wait until the last minute or even the last few weeks before the moving truck arrives. If you’re renting a truck, research your options ahead of time.

  1. Invest in packing tape, a tape gun, packing paper or old newspapers, and a starter pack of boxes. Medium boxes are the ones most used in overseas shipping. If you move often, consider investing in some sturdy totes or permanent cases. They can be used for additional storage once you’ve moved, and are good for books and fragile items.
  2. Pack the least essential items first. Also, be sure to put similar items together – books, clothes, or kitchen items. If you’re moving a house full of furniture, pack pillows and blankets in your china cabinet to protect the glass front. As you go, label your boxes with rooms or numbers that correspond to a manifest. I’ve moved often enough that a list of what goes in which box is worth the trouble. It makes unpacking much easier and can be jotted onto a master list.
  3. Pack your more delicate items with care. A little bubble wrap is a good investment and can be fun to play with once you’ve unpacked. As you load the truck, you’ll be glad you did it if you or the moving crew have any accidents. Lastly, as you pack, be sure every item is clean. That way you aren’t taking dirt with you into your new home.
  4. Find another pair of hands (or two!). Friends and neighbours always want to help, so why not let them? Clean and group items together and lay out packing materials. Then, throw a pizza party with paper plates. This can be done on one of your last days before moving, when things like china, cutlery,and other essentials are all that remain. In this way, you can allow others to help without hectic supervision, and enjoy a last visit in your old home. Pack smarter, not harder.

End to End Packing Solutions

If you’ve chosen a full end-to-end packing and shipping service like Overseas Packers & Shippers, you should focus more on making sure your items are prepared for the movers to package for you – and you don’t want to miss out on moving something important because it was hiding behind other objects to pack!

  1. Declutter your items. Take the time to sort through all of your items before you  talk to your mover about what you do and don’t want to take with you. There is nothing worse than paying to take a whole lot of items like clothes, bikes, or even bulky furniture with you, only to donate them to charity when you get to your new home! Make sure to think carefully about what you will and won’t need in your new home. If you’re moving somewhere with warm weather year round, you don’t need to pack those bulky winter jackets. Likewise, if you’re planning on moving to a small apartment in your new city, you don’t need to prepare all of your outdoor furniture overseas shipping.
  2. Work with your mover to organise an accurate quote. One of the simplest ways people add unexpected costs to their moves is by not discussing exactly what you need to be shipped overseas. When you organise a free quote with Overseas Packers & Shippers, we go through everything in your home with you to make sure we have an accurate list of what you plan to bring with you. A last minute addition of a dining table you decided needs to come with you, or a few extra boxes of kitchen appliances can add on massive additional costs to your move.
  3. Organise your items. Prepare for movers to come to your home by organising your items together. For example, make sure all of your crockery and small kitchen appliances are in the same area to make packing (and unpacking!) easier.
  4. Label your pre-packed items. If you have prepacked items like clothing or linens, make sure to clearly label them with what area of the house they belong to. It is also a good idea to label what is inside the boxes. This helps with the unpacking at the end of the journey, and also allows your movers to understand if the box just hold malleable fabrics, or if there is a treasured glass antique hidden inside.
  5. Defrost your fridge. If you are planning on taking your fridge with you when planning your overseas shipping, make sure to defrost it with plenty of time to spare. Your movers may not be able to add it into your shipped items if you haven’t defrosted it. Read this fact-checked article from Choice on how to move a fridge and freezer safely.

Organise Your Overseas Shipping With Overseas Packers & Shippers

If you’re looking to move overseas to or from Australia, get in touch with our friendly team to organise a free quote. We help take the guesswork out of overseas shipping, keeping your treasured belongings safe with our end-to-end packing solutions.

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