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Moving overseas is a lot more than just packing a bag and getting a ticket. If your move is long-term, this means packing up your life, getting that visa, securing a home and more. It can be both exciting and stressful. The thought of a new adventure ahead while finishing things up at home can be overwhelming at best, but these steps can make it easier.

Write everything down

Make a list, and check it twice! You can write it down on paper, or put it in a word file and save it to your Google Drive or Dropbox so you can access it anywhere. Make a checklist of everything you need to do (like the list we have below). Include details just in case! Even if you think you will remember something, write it down because the moving process can be stressful and cause us to overlook important details.

Finish paperwork and keep it somewhere safe

Any visa paperwork will need to be completed before you go. You should also talk to your bank and the Australian Electoral Commission to register to vote overseas (if you’re already an eligible voter in the country).

Arrange for mail redirection with the Australian Post. They can do so for up to 12 months but at a cost. It can get expensive depending on where in the world you are moving to. If it gets to be too much, perhaps your snail mail can be redirected to a family member’s home.

Any paperwork you have, you should keep in one secure folder. Nothing is worse than having papers scattered all over while you’re trying to get your life together for a massive move.

How’s your health?

Australia has a reciprocal healthcare deal with the UK and Canada for their universal healthcare system, but if you aren’t travelling to those countries, then a non-emergency doctor appointment can set you way back. It is worth getting a check-up before you go anywhere (with the dentist too!) just in case. Stock up on your medications and ask your doctor for a letter just in case the type of medicines and amount may look suspicious at the border.

Invest in insurance

Some countries require you to have travel insurance for the duration of your stay, so double check what the visa requirements are for the country you are travelling to, but it doesn’t hurt to have any anyways. Carefully research to see what is right for you and be sure to read the fine print.


This can be hard, but to make it easier to pack and store things, consider downsizing. Find out what is easy to get in the area you’re moving to. If everyday household items like utensils are cheap and easy to get, then there’s no need to worry about bringing yours.

Get your finances in order

You may find it beneficial to visit an accountant before you leave They could answer any tax-related questions you have since you may still be liable for reporting your earnings. You may be eligible for a lower tax bracket.

Pack and/or store

A tedious chore, but one that has to be done nonetheless, is the actual packing. Get those boxes and be sure to label everything. Don’t make them too heavy or you can risk things falling out the bottom if you’re using boxes. To make this step easier, consider using a professional service like Overseas Packers and Shippers.

Overseas Packers and Shippers are here to make your move as seamless as possible, saving you extra stress that comes with the move. Contact us to discuss your plans to get started in giving you one less thing to worry about.

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