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If you are thinking about leaving Australia in 2024, there are a number of things you need to plan and prepare for to ensure your transition to living in a new country is as smooth as possible. On top of booking a reliable overseas moving company, there are plenty of other boxes you need to tick before moving day comes around. 

At Overseas Packers & Shippers, we are overseas removalists who have a deep knowledge of the things you need to have in place for an international move to go well. Moving from Australia to the UK, New Zealand, or any other country in 2024 is a big process, and one you can never be too prepared for. Here are our top tips for getting everything in order for your overseas move this year. 

Check before Leaving Australia in 2024

Check that Your Medicine is Legal in Your New Country 

Different countries have different laws surrounding what medical devices and medication are legal, and which are not. Certain medicines that are legal in Australia may not have the same status in the country you are moving to, whether they are prescribed, over-the-counter, or complementary medication such as vitamins. 

The best way to find out what medications you can bring with you to your new country is to discuss it with your doctor. They will be able to research the medication laws within your new country and discuss alternative treatment options if your current plan needs to be adjusted. You should also research whether you can apply for any necessary medication to gain clearance in your new country if it is typically banned under their current laws. Your international removalists may have information on medication customs that could prove useful in these situations. 

Accessing Super after leaving Australia

Accessing Your Super in Another Country 

If you have been working in Australia on a temporary working visa and want to be paid your superannuation after leaving, you may be eligible for a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP). To successfully acquire a DASP, you will need to meet the following criteria: 

  • You were paid superannuation while working in Australia on a temporary visa issued under the Migration Act 1958 
  • Your visa has either expired or been cancelled
  • You no longer live in Australia 
  • You are not a citizen or permanent resident of Australia 

If you meet each of these requirements, you have a strong chance of successfully applying for and receiving a DASP. 

Understanding Local Customs 

When relocating from Australia to another country, understanding local customs and laws is crucial. This knowledge not only ensures legal compliance but also facilitates smoother integration into the community. Each country has its own unique set of laws that might differ significantly from Australia’s. For instance, behaviours that are commonplace in Australia could be frowned upon or even illegal elsewhere. This could include dress codes, social interactions, or specific local practices.

Understanding and appreciating local customs aids in building respectful and meaningful relationships with locals. It shows a level of respect and willingness to engage with the culture, which can be incredibly beneficial both personally and professionally.

Being aware of local laws helps in avoiding legal troubles that could arise from ignorance. This could range from traffic regulations to more serious criminal laws. In essence, being well-informed about the customs and laws of your new home country is essential for a successful and enriching experience abroad. It allows for a deeper appreciation of the culture and a more harmonious existence within the community.

Contact Overseas Packers & Shippers 

Leaving Australia in 2024 can be challenging, but with the comprehensive overseas moving services provided by Overseas Packers & Shippers on your side, you can have the peace of mind that you are in safe hands. To find out how we can help, contact us today.