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The Importance of De-Cluttering Before Moving Overseas

Why and How You Should De-Clutter Before Moving Overseas

Anyone who is looking to move overseas will be met with the daunting task of getting their belongings to their new home. Instead of trying to figure out how to move every single item internationally, now is the perfect time to consider de-cluttering. Downsizing your assets comes with various benefits, so it is worth considering before packing and making that international jump.

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You won’t need to ship as much

The most obvious reason to de-cluttering before a move is that you won’t need to ship so much. That means less time spent packing and unpacking items and less money spent shipping it all. Some people might want to pack everything and worry about it when they arrive at their new home, but this can create chaos and unnecessary high shipping costs, so be sure to take the time to de-clutter before you over to make things easier for when you arrive.

Improved mental well-being

Studies have shown that cluttered environments tend to bring on stress and anxiety. Moving overseas is stressful enough, so leave all that clutter behind and start your new life fresh. This will make your move a lot more enjoyable and allow you to kickstart this adventure in a happier environment.

Tips on how to de-clutter

De-cluttering before you move may seem like an extra chore but making time for it before you move will be rewarding and a lot less hassle than you think with these tips.

Make a plan – Before getting started on de-cluttering and packing, make a plan. Consider the size of the home you are moving to and even the climate to help determine what you truly will need and what you won’t. If you are only moving away temporarily, consider having storage space to put some items, but first, ask yourself how long you will be gone for and if you will really miss these items. If not, then consider giving the items away instead of wasting money on storage.

Clean up first – It’s easy enough to get caught up in getting rid of things if they’re out of place, so tidy up the rooms first and put everything back in its place before deciding whether you want to take it with you or not.

Don’t take things you “might” need – Never take things just because you might need them at some point. If you’re not sure, then leave it behind. You will have to pay for every item you ship over, so don’t chance it with things you probably won’t use.

Create a system – Have bags or boxes clearly marked for keep, sell, donate or bin where you can put items. Having these boxes nearby when you de-clutter/pack will make it easier for you to make a quick decision about what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. There will be a lot less time spent mulling over decisions! Bin the items that are broken and can’t be repaired, otherwise consider giving it to charity or friends and family.

Let us help take away the stress of packing

Once you have downsized your belongings, then comes the fun part of packing and shipping, but why not leave that part to the professionals? Overseas Packers and Shippers are experts when it comes to ensuring items are packed away safely and shipped in a timely manner to their destination. With over 35 years’ worth of experience in international removals, we have vast experience in transporting everything from large furniture pieces to small antiques in a safe and secure way. Contact us before your move to see how we can help make your experience more comfortable.