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Moving Overseas

8 Things You’ll Learn from Moving Overseas

A move overseas is an incredibly exciting occasion for most people. It can be a bit scary making that jump, but the opportunities it can bring are immense and worth taking a chance for. Many say that travelling and living abroad can offer the biggest life lessons, and they’re not wrong. Here are eight things you’ll learn when you move overseas.

1. You’ll Meet A Lot of New People

One of the most exciting things about new places are all the people who live there already. Everybody has their story to tell. Whether it’s about every day life in your new country or about adventures they have been on, you will certainly learn a thing or two from everyone you meet.

2. Road Rules are Different

No matter how comfortable you once were on the roads before, it may seem like you’re driving for the first time again somewhere new. Even just driving on the opposite side of the road can seem daunting at first. See if you can get a driving instructor to help make you feel more comfortable and familiar with the rules of the road.

3. Laws/Rules Can Vary Too

What is acceptable one place may be completely unacceptable in another. Jaywalking (crossing the street, not at a designated crossing), for instance, is illegal in America, but may be okay with caution in other countries like the UK. There may be cultural rules that are best adhered to as well. Always do your research before you leave to avoid any trouble.

4. Patience Really is a Virtue

Part of travelling is having your patience tested. Between dealing with airlines and dealing with people who may not share the same urgency as you, patience can be pushed to the limit. This may be even more so when moving to another country that has a different approach to life. Getting things done may not come as quickly or easily as they once did, but you will soon learn more about this in your new location.

5. You Own a Lot More Than You Think You Do

Packing up for a move down the street is a lot different than packing for a move overseas. You will notice how many things you actually own, and it may make you feel weighted down by it all. Arriving into a new home abroad is overwhelming enough without having a lot of clutter to rummage through. Think about what is important before you leave and keep, store, throw out, sell or even give away to help lighten the load.

6. You Will Feel Good for Small Victories

You would have never thought that shopping on your own, cooking or even going to a social event is a small victory, but when you’re in a new location, it is! This is especially true if the culture and language is very different. It can take a lot of courage to venture out somewhere new and try to go to the post office or talk to people, but when you do, it feels good.

7. There is Always Something New to Explore

Moving overseas is an adventure in itself, but it’s all the experiences you will have once you get there that makes it super exciting. It may be a walk to somewhere of historical significance or going on an outdoor excursion to see new plant and animal life you have never experienced before. Every day can bring something new to explore!

8. You’ll See Things from a Different Perspective

Living abroad means you will meet people who may see the world a bit different than you, and that’s eye-opening. When you see things from someone else’s perspective, it can open your world up a little bit more, get you thinking and appreciating new things in life.

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