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Moving Special Items

Enjoy peace of mind with our expert team of packers and shippers. No matter where you are moving our what you are moving, our team will ensure your special items are packed carefully so there are no nasty surprises upon arrival.

Shipping fragile and special possessions overseas requires careful attention, skills, and experience. Fragile items require extra packing and careful consideration, large- and odd-shaped items require planning and problem solving, and moving your pets requires thoughtfulness and organization. All of these special items will end safely in your new home when the experts at Overseas Packers & Shippers transports your special items.

For this reason, each member of our team has been expertly trained to ensure your items are packed correctly for a safe journey. Our 35 years of experience means we can handle all of these challenges with ease.

Overseas Packers & Shippers specialise in shipping a range of special items. Over our many years of operation, we have successfully shipped a helicopter, a light plane, medical equipment, a tractor, a car collection, antiques, pets, and much more. From knowing the immunisation requirements of your family dog, the import duty on your car, or the safest way to move a baby grand, we’ve got you covered.

Just as you want to be sure your possessions make it safely overseas, so you want to be sure your furry and feathered friends arrive safely, too. Let our professionals assist you in transporting your pets to your next destination.

Take the worry out of bringing your car, boat, motorbike, or other vehicles with you. Let us help you with all the logistics so that you and your vehicle arrive safely.

Our experts have experience moving objects large and small, massive and minuscule. For all those objects that won’t fit into a moving box, we’ve got a solution that will work

Avoid damage to your special items by hiring an experienced and reliable shipping company. Call us today on 1300 732 686 to find out more and discuss your requirements. The experts at Overseas Packers & Shippers are here to help you.

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