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Are you ready to make a move overseas? It’s not as easy as packing a few boxes. You are transferring your life from one area of the world to another, and usually, it involves more than just a few boxes. One great way to move your personal items is with shipping containers. It’s a secure way to get your items from point A to point B.

When do I need a shipping container?

A shipping container is one easy way of getting all your things in one place. When you don’t want to pack up several boxes and hope they all make it in time, consider putting it all in a shipping container.


If you have big pieces of furniture, then shipping containers will make it easy to ship them.

What are the advantages of using a shipping container?

Using a shipping container, or more specifically hiring a shipping company like Overseas Packers and Shippers, means moving is easier. You have one space where all of your things will go, and it’s locked up until it gets to where it needs to be. Things are kept safe, and you won’t worry about various boxes getting lots in transit. You also get the added bonus of knowing that professionals are handling all the details including transportation and customs procedures that go with it too.

If you don’t think you will fill up a whole shipping container, you can save money by opting into a shared shipping scheme. You will only pay for the space you take.


How long does shipping take?

This depends greatly on where you are shipping to, but it usually takes anywhere from 4-16 weeks. We will be able to give you a better idea of the timeframe once we know your shipping destination.

Can I ship using a shipping container by myself?

While it is possible to have a DIY approach to using a shipping container, it takes a lot of work and money. First, you will have to do your research and find a shipping container that complies with shipping regulations. Then you will need to arrange transportation for it, pack it, arrange for it to be taken, pay for the shipping and fill out all the paperwork. You may also need to arrange transportation for the shipping container to go back. Customs has changed dramatically over the years and the way things are shipped and imported have come under stricter regulations. When you are moving overseas, is this really stress that you need? It is always recommended to use a service like Overseas Packers & Shippers where experts will handle every detail.

What other ways can I ship my items?

In addition to shipping containers, airfreight is another way to ship items. Airfreight is charged by weight and volume. Depending on the weight and type of items, Airfreight might be a more suitable choice. The amount of time it takes is much quicker than a shipping container at around 7-10 days. Give our moving consultants a call and provide the dimensions of your items for an accurate quote.
Overseas Packers & Shippers can handle all of your shipping container needs. From the packing up of your goods to getting them in the container in the best way possible to having it shipped to your new location, every detail can be handled by us. We’ve been in the shipping industry for 35 years so you can be confident that experienced professionals are handling your items, ensuring they get to your new home seamlessly. Get your free online quick quote or call us for a free in-home quote to help you tick off one less thing off your moving to-do list!

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