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Moving overseas can be an amazing experience, but it can also be quite a lonely one. You may have never felt anything like feeling alone in a crowded place before, but the feeling comes quite quickly when in a new place. The best way to beat the blues is to meet new people and get involved with what is going on around you. As an adult in general, it can be difficult to make friends, but our tips will help you mingle with the locals easily.

Don’t be afraid to talk to people

In the queue for a coffee, at the bus stop, walking in the park, or in a cafe – if you’re in a place with others, talk to them! The simple task of small talk can be difficult for people, but it is the best way to start up conversations, which could lead to friendships. You may find that you see the same people every day, so why not strike up a conversation with them?

Use social media

One modern phenomenon is social media. The power of it is incredible and really does make the world seem a bit smaller. You can easily meet people in your local area (as well as anywhere in the world) through a few clicks. You may be able to find a group on social media of other expats in the area. Of course, you want to mingle with everyone you can, but having a support network of fellow expats can be helpful in meeting others and giving tips and advice on life in your new home.

Join a class

It is easy to meet like-minded people who you join a class of some sort. Find something that lets you let out your creative side, or try something new like yoga, painting or even a cooking class. Classes make great social environments and can lead to some great lifelong friendships. You will probably find yourself planning to do things with each other outside of the class before you know it. Just make sure you’re not afraid to get involved in the conversation, but classes are usually very welcoming to newcomers.


Volunteering is super rewarding as you are giving back to your local community, but at the same time, you’re meeting some exciting people. You will really get a feel for the area at the same time too and find out about the social issues that are important to people.

Chat with people at work

Depending on what you do, work time can be intense, but during those down times, like lunch, take the time to get to know your colleagues. Stay away from having lunch at your desk or going out on your own every day. Instead, invite someone you would like to get to know better to have lunch with you. This helps build both friendships and working relationships, making for a much more pleasant working environment.

Go to all the events you can

Is your neighbourhood throwing a street party, or is there a big music festival coming up? Why not try to go? You may start off being there on your own, but by the end of it, you’re sure to have found a few good people to talk to.

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