• Storage

      Storing belongings is a core part of Overseas Packers & Shippers’ business. We specialise in both short- and long-term storage in Australia and around the world. Our dedicated team will ensure your belongings stay safe and protected while in our care. Our storage options assist you when downsizing, during temporary moves, while you are decluttering, when you are dealing with emergencies, and when you just need some extra space. Let the experts at Overseas Packers & Shippers assist you with your storage needs.
    • Insurance

      At Overseas Packers & Shippers, we pride ourselves on safely moving you to your new home. While we take great care to handle your belongings properly, accidents and unforeseen circumstances can happen. We offer a wide range of insurance options that will protect you in the case of any mishaps, including damage during shipping caused by fire, flood, accident, or collision. The peace of mind our insurance options offer you make planning your move less stressful.
    • Wrapping & Packing

      Over the years Overseas Packers & Shippers have developed a method of packing and a range of wrapping materials that provide the best possible protection during a move. By hiring our packing experts to move your home, you will decrease the likelihood of damage to your possessions, decrease the amount of time your items spend in customs and save you money on insurance costs. So, let the packing experts at Overseas Packers & Shippers pack your move today. We also sell all the materials you’ll need to pack for your move yourself.
    • Moving Special Items

      Enjoy peace of mind with our expert team of packers and shippers. No matter where you are moving, our team will ensure your special items are packed carefully so they arrive safely at your destination. Our trained experts have years of experience shipping large objects like vehicles, special objects like antiques, and beloved pets. We will help you navigate all the regulations and requirements for getting your items safely overseas, and we’ll take the worry out of it all. Let the experts at Overseas Packing & Shipping help you arrange for your car, pet, or special item to make the move overseas with you.
    • Home Cleaning & Garden Services

      Overseas Packers & Shippers can clean the home you are vacating or the home you are moving into – or both! We offer a wide range of services that will help take the worry out of getting your old home ready to sell or making sure your new home is ready for your arrival. We assist yard maintenance, pool servicing, general and specific cleaning needs, and much more. With all the other things to consider when making a big move, don’t let cleaning be one! Contact Overseas Packing & Shipping, and let us help you get the work done.