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Impress Your Family & Friends Overseas With These Australian Gift Ideas

Moving abroad entails a myriad of challenges and intricate details to manage. One of the major tasks includes coordinating with international movers and packers who can ensure your belongings’ safe and seamless transition to your new home.

However, moving isn’t just about logistics and coordinating with international removalists Australia. It’s about the journey, the new beginnings, and the memories you carry with you. It’s also about the little fragments of your past that you share with your loved ones as a piece of your heritage. As an expat, finding the perfect Australian gift to share a piece of your homeland with new friends or to keep your roots alive is crucial.

This article brings you an exciting array of overseas Australian gift ideas that beautifully encapsulate the essence of the land down under. Whether you are considering overseas shipping for these items to gift loved ones back home or introduce new friends to Australian culture, these products are quintessentially Australian.

Choosing a reliable international removalist can make your relocation process smoother, allowing you to focus on the emotional aspects of moving, such as saying goodbye to friends and preparing yourself for new experiences. This article not only addresses the need for efficient relocation services but also appreciates the emotional elements attached to it. Read on to find a collection of delightful Australian souvenirs and keepsakes, making your international journey all the more memorable.

A packet of Tim Tams as an Australian gift

1. Treats

Treats are a good gift for family and friends who haven’t visited Australia before, as well as those who have moved and are missing Australian food. Think of sending the traditional Australian food that you can’t buy easily overseas. Tim Tams, Allen’s lollies, Wagon Wheels, Caramello Koalas, Arnott’s biscuits, cheese Twisties, Milo, and of course, Vegemite. These are items that your international friends are going to love (or hate, in the case of Vegemite).

Whether or not you can send food overseas depends on what destination you’re sending it to. Generally, you will not be able to send perishable food. If it’s got a use by date within the next six months, don’t even think about sending it.

2. Novels

This is a great present for both kids and adults. Think about all the great Australian kids’ books we grew up reading, and send some of your favourite titles across to your friends living abroad. They’re sure to appreciate the extra entertainment, and the kids will enjoy being able to see pictures of Australian animals. For adults, consider looking at a list of great Australian novels and selecting a few books from the list.

3. Toys

Shelves of Koala toys as Australian presents

Toys make for the perfect present for families and those who have young kids. After all, who doesn’t love having a stuffed toy, but even better when it’s Australian wildlife. Think of sending toy koalas, kangaroos, bilbies, wombats, or even platypus. This is sure to put a smile on the face of any kid.

4. Gift hamper

Why not go all out and send your friends a large care package? This way you can fill it with items that are more personal, and you know they will enjoy.

Ideas of gifts to include not only include Australian treats, but also bath salts, soaps, tea towels, magnets, tea or body spray, to name a few examples. You can choose unique Australian scents to send to your friends abroad.

5. Artwork

Australian artwork serves as a delightful gift when visiting friends and family abroad. Its unique blend of Indigenous motifs, mesmerising landscapes, and contemporary expressions captures the essence of Australia’s diverse culture and natural beauty. Offering a piece of Australian art conveys thoughtfulness and a memorable connection to the country, making it a cherished present.

Declarations on Overseas Parcels

There are a few things you need to know before deciding on what to send.

Each country will have specific regulations about what is allowed and what cannot be delivered. Before you decide to send any items overseas, make sure you check to see if it can actually be delivered. Australia Post offers a comprehensive guide on items which cannot be delivered to your overseas destination.

Furthermore, if you are sending items over the value of $2000, they must be declared to Australian Customs Service (Customs). To do this, you’ll need to complete an export declaration. Make sure to check whether or not the items you are sending require an export declaration – some items will, regardless of the total value.

Some items will require their own declaration. For example, if you are sending wine to select countries, you may be charged an import tax and may need to fill out further declarations as well. For instance, you may need to complete a Wine Export Declaration and FDA Notification Form. Some countries, such as Italy and Spain, make it extremely difficult to send Australian wine, as a result of their required sanitation certificates. Before sending wine overseas, double check to see if you will encounter any delays or if it’s allowed.

If the correct forms are not completed, or your item cannot be delivered, it may result in your parcel being held up in Australian Customs. Usually, you can expect items to clear Customs within 15 days. If you need to pay duty, or there is another reason your items are being held by Customs for a longer, you will be contacted by Customs directly.

Thankfully, if you ever have any questions or concerns about bringing over certain items with you, you can always contact an international moving company to see if it is allowed.

Need help getting your items overseas?

Want to send your gifts to your family and friends overseas but not sure how to go about it? Don’t worry, Overseas Shippers and Packers can help.

If you need to get your gifts overseas quickly, we offer air freight. This has an average door-to-door transit time of 7-10 days, so your family and friends won’t be left with a long waiting time for their gifts. You will be charged by either the dead weight (the total weight of your items) or the volumetric weight (how much space the items take up), whichever is the largest.

If you would like an instant quote for overseas shipping, you can contact one of Overseas Shippers & Packers friendly staff today who will be able to help you with all your questions. When you call, please have the accurate dimensions and weight of your item ready, as this will help us give you the correct quote.

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