• Yes, you can pack your own boxes. However, boxes packed by the owner may not be covered by insurance. This will only cover loss, not any breakages. While it may appear as if you are saving money by packing your own boxes, in the long run this generally isn’t the case.

    Since 9/11, Customs requirements in every country have been strengthened. Boxes with personal effects that are packed by the owner come under high scrutiny. They could eventuate in Customs examinations and result in inspection fees, which are not included in your quotation. Countries such as the USA and Canada do not look favourably upon boxes packed by owners and will have extensive examinations undertaken at the owner’s cost. Boxes packed by the owner will also often move through customs a lot slower than boxes packed by a removal company.

    If you would like to pack your own belongings, Overseas Packers & Shippers sell cartons which you can purchase directly from us. Alternatively, we have a team of experts who are available to professionally wrap and package your belongings before your overseas trip.

  • Our primary mode of transportation is shipping via sea. We offer various shipping options, including full container load, groupage and less than container load. If time is an issue, we also offer air freight.

    The timeframe of your move depends on the distance being moved and the mode of transportation. Air freight is the quickest option, and can take 7 – 15 days. For shipping, as a general rule it can take anywhere from 4 – 16 weeks for your goods to arrive at the country of your destination.

  • All overseas moves must be paid prior to your belongings being collected. Payments can be made by cash, direct debit, credit card (excluding Diners and American Express) and cheque. Please note that funds need to be cleared into our bank account prior to arrival/departure.

  • You should book your overseas move at least two weeks prior to moving. However, Overseas Packers & Shippers understand that people often have busy lifestyles, and we can normally work within your requirements. We are able to organise your move in less time if required. Please note exceptions to this will be made in peak times such as Christmas.

  • Throughout our 40 year history, Overseas Packers & Shippers has developed a network all over the world. We move to every country – if you need to move there, we are the professionals that can help you get there.

    We are part of the FIDI FAIM network, and have over 600 partners globally. This means we can assist with relocating to any part of the globe. We stand by our motto – “we’ve got the world covered.”

  • Overseas Packers & Shippers offer an end-to-end service, which includes unpacking. If your cartons have been packed by Overseas Packers & Shippers prior to departure, we will also unpack your belongings upon arrival at the end destination. Boxes will be marked for their designated rooms, and your belongings will be unpacked on the nearest flat surface. We strive to make the moving process as smooth as possible.

    If you packed the cartons yourself, they will be left in the appropriate room for you to unpack.  For an additional cost, all our partners offer a Valet Unpacking Service, which is available to purchase if you wish for your items to be unpacked.